Using the National Curriculum as our starting point, we have designed a broad and exciting creative curriculum that is real, immersive and purposeful. Foundation subjects are taught through a cross-curricular ‘learning challenge’ approach, each unit culminating in an exciting outcome. The learning is organised around a TASC wheel where children can organise their learning journey. Towards the end of the challenge, children form ‘expert groups’ to take on an aspect of the learning outcome.

Each term we have a Hook day where the topic is launched and pupils are ‘hooked in’ to the learning.

The children document the learning journey both in a special book and on a board outside their classroom to support retrieval.

Knowledge is key, and pre-planned knowledge organisers guide the teaching, building on prior learning across all subjects. The use of ‘killer questions’ assess the knowledge outlined in the knowledge organisers, giving opportunities for them to make links with prior learning and show a deeper understanding.  The curriculum is planned to be inclusive of children with SEND, and teachers ensure they are planned for appropriately, based on accurate assessment of their ability and needs.

We regularly review the learning challenges to ensure they promotes equality, diversity and consider our local context.

At DJA, we believe that every child is entitled to a ‘Whole Education’ and experience a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities.

We are fortunate to work with a number of external agencies that support the wider curriculum. Sports coaches provide one lesson a week of PE, and Music teachers provide whole class music and instrumental teaching in every year group.  Extra-curricular clubs include Sports, Arts, Choir, Chess, Debate, Philosophy for Children, as well as opportunities to complete and have support with homework.

As a Trust we believe that learning should be irresistible; that all our pupils have the right to access a continual stream of learning experiences that are real, immersive and purposeful. In order to enable this, all our schools ensure that their curriculum is based on the principles of NICER, our unique and bespoke challenge-based learning framework.

For any more information about our curriculum, please contact the class teachers, you can also see Victoria Academies Trust Approach to Student Learning.