Early Bird & Twilight Clubs

Early Bird & Twilight Clubs

Meet your friends

Puzzles & games

Early Bird Breakfast Club
Monday - Friday

Early Booking

7.45am-8.50am £4.00

Breakfast included

Later Bookings

8.15am-8.50am £2.50

8.30am-8.50am £1.50

Drink only included

Eating together

Super reading books

Snacks & drinks

Tabletop games

Twilight After School Club
Monday - Friday

Short Stay

3.15pm-3.45pm £2.00

Drink only included

Longer Bookings

3.15pm-4.30pm £4.00

3.15pm-5.00pm £6.00

3.15pm-5.45pm £7.00


4.15pm-5.45pm £4.00 (after other clubs in the Infant or Junior Schools)

Healthy snacks included in all longer stay booking options

Outdoor play

Lego legends

Don’t forget, you may qualify for financial support with your childcare needs if you are studying or have a low income.  
DFE Reg. No. 3332125
Telephone: 0121 558 1652