The Intent for PSHE

We want PSHE at Devonshire Junior Academy to create a happy, purposeful and safe environment where every child knows there is something unique and special about themselves; in addition to being valued by their teachers and peers. Children understand why they are at school, and what they are trying to achieve, so that they can be the best they can be.

The most successful learners are happy learners, so we want to give our children a set of tools, such as emotion coaching, with which they can navigate their everyday experiences and subsequent emotional reactions. We want to support them to understand the complexity of the world around them and their place within it whilst managing their mental health.

We think that collaborating with others is important, so children should be able to identify the character traits and values of a tolerant, kind and compassionate person, so that they can form positive working relationships with other people and understand the importance of friendship. Our trust and school FIDES values of loyalty, tenacity, kindness, courage and brilliance help us ensure that the behaviours across the family of schools are consistent and of the highest standard.

Devonshire Junior academy prepares learners for life in modern Britain by: equipping them to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society; developing their understanding of fundamental British values; developing their understanding and appreciation of diversity; celebrating what we have in common and promoting respect for the different protected characteristics as defined by law.