Choosing a Secondary School

When your child reaches Year 5, it is time to start thinking seriously about which high school they will go to. When choosing a school, it is well worth attending open days as well as getting the views of other parents. However, don’t forget that a school that is right for one child may not be right for another – it is really about finding the school where your child can achieve their potential.

You will need to complete an online application form for Sandwell schools in September when your child is in Year 6, however if you think grammar school will suit your child you must apply earlier.

Applying for Grammar Schools

Each grammar application is different and you will need to contact the school or visit their website to check how and when to apply. As a rough guide the entrance test for grammar schools is taken in early September of Year 6, however you will need to have registered your child to sit the test in the Summer Term of Year 5.

There is no substitute for a visit to a school where you will get a real feel for the atmosphere and ethos, however, school websites are a good place to start and they will also tell you about their application process.

Here are the web addresses of the main schools our children go to:

Q3 Academy

Bristnall Hall

Oldbury Academy

Sandwell Academy

Holly Lodge


Perryfields High


King Edward’s Schools

Queen Mary’s Schools

Finding the right school for your child is very important so start early!