School Meals

Fresh, Nutritious Meals Prepared by Hand

School meals are operated by School Grid.

You will require a School Grid account which is easy to set up.  Give your email address in at the school office, and you will then receive an email with the link to the School website and your password.  See below for video tutorials on common tasks.

When your account has been activated you can order your child’s meals and see at a glance what your child has eaten.

You can contact School Grid Customer Care on 01506 300310 between 8.30am and 5pm or email

Our school meals aren’t cooked from frozen or pre-packaged, they are freshly prepared each day, to tried and tested recipes, by our skilled caterers.

In addition to the healthy and nutritious meals offered, we also have available daily: bread basket, fruit juice, milk, and water flavoured with orange and lemon slices.

Many families are entitled to Free School Meals but don’t claim them – click here to see if you are eligible and to apply. 

The academy receives funding for every child who is registered even if they bring a packed lunch from home.  Please register if you are entitled, to help support your child’s learning.


Parents' Pre-ordering
Setting Up Payments