Using the National Curriculum as our starting point, we have designed a broad and relevant curriculum that is real, immersive and purposeful. Foundation subjects are taught through a cross-curricular (thematic) approach, each unit culminating in an exciting ‘learning challenge’.

Our learning challenges are designed to make learning relevant, purposeful and fun. We also incorporate social enterprise so that our pupils recognise their own stake in society and make a positive contribution to the local and wider community.

English and Maths are taught discretely and the skills learned in these subjects are applied across the curriculum.

In Year 5 and 6 we have designed our ‘Steps to Success’ programme so that our pupils have a deeper understanding of themselves, their aspirations and what they can go onto achieve at secondary school.

To enrich our curriculum further we work with a range of partners from businesses, universities, secondary schools and the community.

How we teach this curriculum in our school is detailed below.




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For Religious Education, we follow Sandwell Agreed Syllabus.


The National Curriculum can be accessed here.