Our Staff 

School Leadership Team


Miss S Philpot

Executive Head Teacher


Mrs E Waldron

Head of School


Mrs N Clements

Deputy Head of School

Ms B Barnsley

Assistant Head Teacher, Inclusion Manager


Mrs S Cox

Business Manager

Support Staff

Mrs C Keen Secretary

Mr T McGee Senior Site Manager

Mr I Horton Site Manager


Miss R Conlisk Data Manager

Ms T Costa Administrator



Teaching Staff


Ms J Vairavamoorthy, Class 1


Mrs J Williamson, Class 2


Mr M Haston, Class 3


Ms S Manak, Class 4


Mrs T Khan-Patel, Class 5


Mrs E Devers, Class 6


Miss K Mckenzie, Class 7


Miss D Pol, Class 8


Miss A Downie, Class 9


Mr J Baker, Class 10


Mr C Jarrett, Class 11


Mr O Qureshi, Class 12 


Mr J Webb, Pupil Premium Support





Mrs J Benham

Mrs C Toney-Can



Learning Support Practitioners


Mrs S Roseblade

Mrs L Clements (LSP & Librarian)

Mrs L Peumans

Mrs N Aujila

Miss U Malik

Miss E Langford

Mrs K Gahir

Mrs H Johal

Mrs K Begum

Mrs H Patel

Mrs D Wilkins

Miss R El-Harcha

Mrs K Dunn



Learning Support Assistants



Miss P Antcliffe

Mrs S Akhtar

Learning Mentors

Mrs H Hegarty

Miss F Bolia

Social Enterprise/Safeguarding Assistant

Mrs P Chahal


Ms A O'Reilly (Focus Provision)

Ms K Dheer (Focus Provision)

Ms S Lowe (Focus Provision)

Ms A Dara (Focus Provision)

Ms N Sultana (Focus Provision)

Ms C Dickens (Focus Provision)

Ms L Jones (Focus Provision)

Ms M Jeffers (Focus Provision)

Ms Z Bagshaw (Focus Provision)

Ms K Bell (Focus Provision)