Careers at Devonshire Junior Academy


At Devonshire Junior Academy we are committed to supporting all staff with the development of their careers, whatever point they are at and path they may choose to take.


In addition to teacher training days and courses, we aim to provide all staff with the experiences and opportunities they need to achieve their professional goals. This may be anything from tailor made programmes for NQTs delivered through our Multi Academy Trust to leadership programmes offered through the Whole Education Network.


We also understand that time is needed for staff to work together in a professional and supportive environment in order to reflect and continually improve their practice. So in addition to teacher training days and courses we do the following:


Teaching Development Days

Teaching Development Days happen once a term in our school and they enable teachers to work together to observe learning in action in the classroom. They are usually focussed on a particular area of teaching or teaching strategy that we have researched and discussed as a staff beforehand. Together, teachers identify where and when teaching strategies are at their most effective. We use this knowledge to reflect on our own teaching and to share best practice across the school.


Research Days

Once a term, teachers come out of the classroom to research and discuss a particular area of interest that may benefit their cohort of children. This may be anything from engaging reluctant readers to strategies for effective collaboration. Research days enable staff to stay in touch with up to-date educational thinking and evidence-based research.


Planning, Preparation and Assessment

Year group teachers have PPA at the same time and on the same day each week. Working together in year groups enables teachers to use share expertise and use their time efficiently. Sports Plus and Sandwell Music and Arts deliver lessons during this time ensuring high quality teaching at all times.



We are also conscious of the need for staff to maintain a healthy work-life balance so we give additional PPA time (PPA+) in order to support staff with greater responsibilities such as leadership roles, managing a subject or working on additional one-off projects.

Teaching vacancies

Class Teacher Vacancy

Full time, required from September 2020

Non-teaching vacancies